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On 04/06/09 DearPrudence88 comments:

Actually the only reason your "swirling cream" experiment works is because you have walls on the coffee cup, and the gravity from earth pulls the liquid downward, acting in conjunction with the walls, creating a downward spiral. If you did the same thing in space, the liquid would simply disperse in every direction. Space is a "net". The larger the mass set on that net, the more "pull" it has. Emptiness doesn't attract, mass does (See: Black Hole) A well put theory, but wrong in this reality.


Thank you for your comment.

Four other examples of non-contained vortexes without walls were given, a drain vortex, a river vortex, a hurricane and a tornado.
These were offered to demonstrate that a vortex does not need containment to function and although the method of propagation is in still not clear, spiral galaxies create a very compelling vortex shapes in space.

Performing the vortex experiment in space would not work for the reasons you stated. In the partial vacuum of space, the low pressure center would not be a low pressure center any more and the mass would disperse.
However, this is a matter of scale and pressure. Make the central pressure lower than the partial vacuum of space and you are back in business.. Please review "Thought model", about half way through the video.
I have no dispute with your claim that space is a "net" or a fabric. However, it is the larger the gravity - not necessarily mass - on that net, that creates the pull.
I did assert early in the video that it was an outrageous suggestion that an absolute vacuum can induce gravity, but from the observations you have raised, I see no rational reason to change that claim.